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• 11/25/2018

Hi i wanna tell you something.

I am new here.
I already watched the Series "13 REASONS WHY"
One day I watched it from 7am - 17pm
And after it...i I am ready to die.
Idk but....voices in my head..what I thought,the voices in my head has spoken around my mind.
And at all...I've changed just because I watched it so fucking long.
Im not the old me.
I always want to be alone..All alone.
I love this Serie...I want to watch it continue but I'm done with watching they will make new Series or Movie like this.
I love them...
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• 11/30/2018
Hey Stefana, how are you doing? I know its heavy and I binge watched 13 reasons why too. I hope you're doing alright!?
• 12/1/2018
Well yea I guess. And cool. Loliee
• 12/1/2018
Just trying to be nice
• 12/1/2018
I know I know.
That's very nice.
I didn't know that anyone would comment something like this. Its nice I like it
• 12/1/2018
13 Reasons why is very heavy and I know it made a lot of people vedy upset and I feel like we should lokk out for each other
• 12/1/2018
Mhm. Well I agree.
Okie dokie.
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